Thin film Printing allows the direct deposition of patterned layers which means only one equipment to perform :

  - Passivation layer deposition (Typically AlOx)

  - Capping layer deposition (SiNx, SiOx, TiOx)

  - Contact opening (already open in printed layers)


Based on Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition, the technology offers the following benefits :

  - Atmospheric pressure process (no load-lock


  - High throughput (up to 1 nm/s)

  - Low temperature (< 300 °C)

  - High material quality (no particle, no pinhole)

  - Low maintenance (no coating on the machine



Thin film Printers are modular equipments processing one wafer per printing head. R&D equipments have one printing head while production equipments combine multiple printing heads.


Thin film Printing of silicon solar cell rear-passivation layers


Rear-passivated solar cells (PERC) is a widely adopted improvement for solar cells based on p-type solar wafers.


However this improvement is expensive to implement as it requires two to three additional equipments for passivation layer deposition, capping layer deposition and contact opening.



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